She Made A Difference – Mary J. Bacigalupo Awards Tomorrow Night


Noted in today’s Lowell Sun about an event scheduled for tomorrow night – The Lowell Citywide Parent Council will host its Mary J. Bacigalupo “You Make a Difference” Awards Night on Monday at the Stoklosa Middle School, 560 Broadway St., at 7:30 p.m.

Who is Mary J. Bacigalupo?
Back in 2000, Community Teamwork Inc. honored Mary Bacigalupo (1942-2001) as a Local Hero – a tribute that aptly capped-off her twenty-five years of community work in Lowell. Her vision, energy, compassion and generosity helped move forward a process of community change that uimproved the quality of life for countless people, both young and older, in the city. She was so connected to her city! Her educational, civic and community activities included everthing from the Citywide Parent Council, the Greater Lowell Community Foundation and Human Services Corporation to the Lowell Cultural Plan, Family First Night, Lowell: the Flowering City, the Lowell Model for Excellence in Education, the Pollard Memorial Library Board of Trustees, Small Grants for Teachers, the Parish of St. Michael’s in Lowell and so much more. In 1998, she scripted, directed and inspired Lowell’s award-winning entry in the All-America City competition. An educator, social worker, writer, mentor and committed activist, her work was both public and private – much beyond what we will ever know.

Mary had a way with words. One of my favorite Mary B comments is: “We are urban gardners and tinkerers. You can make a difference by changing how people feel about themselves, but your work is never done.” Good words for the award recipients to take to heart. Mary B words for the Lowell community to remember: “Lowell draws its power from the diverse streams that flow together as one.”

Mary was a friend and mentor to me… I’ll always remember. Congratulations to those to be honored in her name.

Read the full “You Make a Difference” awards artcile here in the Lowell Sunday SUN:

Note: The picture above is the stone dedicating a downtown Lowell garden to Mary B.

Mary J. Bacigalupo Victorian Garden

*The Mary J. Bacigalupo Victorian Garden is dedicated to the memory of Mary J. Bacigalupo a well-known community advocate and educator who loved gardening. This garden is supported by the Bacigalupo family. Community Gardens Greenhouse personnel help to maintain the garden.

2 Responses to She Made A Difference – Mary J. Bacigalupo Awards Tomorrow Night

  1. Gerry Nutter says:

    Mary J. Bacigalupo raised her family here in Centraville and was a champion for education. CTI has a proposal to buy and refurbish the Varnum School on Sixth St. and dedicate half the building in her honor.

    The Mary J. Bacigalupo Education Center would house Head Start and offer other educational programs for Centraville and city of Lowell residents. She was a wonderful full of love anf life lady.

  2. Nancy P says:

    Thank you for publishing this – I am looking forward to the night. Still think of Mary to guide me.