Merrimack Repertory Theatre Receives $325k Kresge Grant

Bravo to eveyone at Merrimack Repertory Theatre for bringing home a highly competitive Kresge Foundation grant of $325,000. Awards from prestigious national foundations such as Kresge signal the excellence and maturity of Lowell’s cultural industry. There’s more where this came from, and the various parts and pieces of Lowell’s creative economy are primed to attract more large-scale funding of this kind. Read all about it on the MRT blog here.

One Response to Merrimack Repertory Theatre Receives $325k Kresge Grant

  1. Debra Grossman says:

    Thanks Dick. MRT is very happy to have this vote of confidence from the Kresge Foundation and thrilled to embark on improving the total audience experience at the theatre. We at MRT enjoy our position as a “cultural entrepeneur” and apreciate the significance of that role in the economic community here in the Merrimack Valley.