Maine Claims Whitney and Needham

As we commemorate the Sesquicentennnial of the American Civil War, we have given much attention to the role that Lowell and the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment played in the pre-war and the early days of the Civil War. Programs, panels, exhibits, tours, a film festival and more have been part of the remembrances. We’ve had a special focus on the first to die in the war and especially remember Luther Ladd, Addison Whitney and Charles Taylor of the 6th Massachusetts with a mangificent memorial in Monument Square located in front of Lowell City Hall. In fact, both Ladd and Whitney were laid to rest at the site. I read with great interest a story in the Bangor Daily News headlined: “Maine lost its first Civil War soldiers in a Baltimore riot.” They story tells of the Maine roots of both Addison Whitney and Lawrence soldier Sumner Needham.

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6 Responses to Maine Claims Whitney and Needham

  1. EileenL says:

    While Ladd & Whitney are buried in Lowell, Sumner Needham in Lawrence and Taylor in Baltimore none of them were born in Lowell. Ladd was born in Alexandria, NH, Whitney & Needham from Maine and Charles Taylor maybe from Baltimore.

  2. Dean says:

    During the Civil War two soldiers who were born in Lowell,MA were recipients of the Medal of Honor . One of the soldiers was 1st Lt. George Davis of the 10th Vermont Infantry and the other was Pvt. Edwin Truell of the 12th Wisconsin Infantry. They are not considered reccipients under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They where considered under the state units they served with in battle.

  3. EileenL says:

    Other Civil War Medal of Honor recipients with a Lowell connection are:

    Buried in Lowell – Adelbert Ames, John C. McFarland

    Entered in Service in Lowell: Eugene Ferris, Daniel Murphy, Dennis Murphy and Joseph Aton Sladen

  4. Dean says:

    Adelbert Ames entered the service in Rockland, Maine and was born in East Thomaston,Maine. John McFarland was born in Boston,MA ,his service accredited to MA. Ames is buried at the Hildrith St Cemetery. McFarland is buried at the Edson Cemetery.