2011 Preservation Award Winners


In recognition of National Preservation Month, the Lowell National Historical Park and the Lowell Heritage Partnership are celebrating community efforts in the areas of historic preservation and cultural heritage – this is done in conjunction with the kick-off of Doors Open Lowell 2011. From the NPS website, here are the honorees – both individuals and organizations:

“Excellence in Cultural Heritage”

David McKean has frequently been acknowledged as the pre-eminent historian of Lowell’s Irish community. His dedication to preserving the cultural history of this early Lowell immigrant population has been illustrated through historic tours, St. Patrick’s Cemetery monument preservation, authoring several publications, and assistance with the recent archeological project on the grounds of St. Patrick’s Church.

“Excellence in Historic Preservation”

Trinity Financial, LLC for the successful rehabilitation of the Appleton Mills into apartments as live and work space for artists. The ongoing transformation of this site is compelling to observe, transforming the deteriorated site as part of the Hamilton Canal District and preserving elements of the original mill. New residents are moving into these units now.

“Youth Excellence in Cultural Heritage”

A few years ago at Dracut’s Lakeview Junior High School, teacher, Rebecca Duda, and two students: Emily Fox and Meghan Fawcett took direct action at the Claypit Cemetery in Lowell. Where the cemetery itself had fallen into disrepair, they collaborated to document the cemetery, create a virtual cemetery online, and coordinate volunteer clean-ups in a continuing manner in partnership with the Lowell Historic Board.

“Special Recognition for the Civil War Sesquicentennial”

Through many years of individual research, Maurice Comtois has documented the final burial locations of the nearly 4,300 residents of Lowell who served in the Civil War. About 400 Lowell residents were killed in the war, and Mr. Comtois’ research included trips to battlefields, Civil War sites, and numerous communities.

For more information about the 10th Anniversary of Doors Open Lowell program, May 12-14, 2011, visit www.doorsopenlowell.org. For more information about Lowell National Historical Park, visit www.nps.gov/lowe.