ETIC, Time Capsule, Soaring Steel

The topping off ceremony at the construction site of UMass Lowell’s Emerging Technologies and Innovation Center was satisfyingly inspirational for many reasons, chief among them being the sight of a long white steel girder autographed by hundreds of people in blue Sharpie and bearing a small fir tree and US flag slowly being lifted by a crane to the top line of steel of the structure. A few minutes earlier a time capsule that had been placed in the foundation of the now-demolished Smith Hall dormitory in 1947 had been opened in front of the crowd. In it were documents from the time, including a letter from the Governor of Massachusetts who expressed faith that his generation would find their way forward in the new “Atomic Age.” A new time capsule will be embedded in the ETIC, filled with documents and messages to a future generation on campus and in the city.