Congressional Hopefuls Back in the Day

While searching for a Saints Medical Center photo this morning I came across this image on Corey Sciuto’s great website. Corey has some terrific Lowell photos including some sent to him by others. The above photo comes from Ken Coffin, who worked as a photographer with City Fair in Lowell in the late 1970s into the early 1980s. This particular photo brought back lots of memories …  All the men in this photo ran for Congress at one time or other – two were elected and served. Who are they?

For more of Corey Sciuto’s images check here:

3 Responses to Congressional Hopefuls Back in the Day

  1. Marie says:

    No surprise that two of our stalwart readers and local observers got all four names. Rourke and Pollard were both Lowell Mayors and Paul Tsongas also served on the Lowell City Council. Ray Rourke ran in the same Democratic Primary for Congress in 1978 as did Jim Shannon who one the primary and the election. I think the Sam Pollard run for the Democratic nomination was in the 1960 race after Mrs. Rogers died.

    For full disclosure – I worked for Jim Shannon in his Lowell District office from 1979-1984.