Geraldine Ferraro, Farewell (The Lowell Connection)

While at the reception following the funeral for former Lowell National Historical Park Supt. Sandy Walter today, someone at my table received a message via Blackberry that Geraldine Ferraro had died. One of Sandy Walter’s first public events in Lowell was the dedication of the “Homage to Women” sculpture by Mico Kaufman on Market Street in October 1984. The unveiling was a major event in honor of Lowell’s women leaders. Coincidentally, US Rep. Geraldine Ferraro was the Democratic Party’s candidate for Vice President. I was at the Lowell Historic Preservation Commission at the time, and we contacted her to get a statement from the first woman to be a major party’s candidate for Vice President. My recollection is that she sent a telegram with greetings and congratulations. I think we had a congratulatory message from the White House also, from Mrs. Reagan. Here’s the link to MSNBC’s report on Geraldine Ferraro’s passing.