Boston Chowda and More – Made in Lowell

I’m a regular at Boston Chowda, so I was especially attracted to a post on Lowell City Manager Lynch’s blog today. Lately, there’s been an expansion of the daily offerings way beyond my favorites – clam chowdah, beef stew, chicken vegetable soup and the ultra-delicious Boston garden vegetable soup. Check out his site here and get the full story of what’s made there and who some other customers happen to be – like Bertucci’s, Au Bon Pain and more.

From the Lowell City Manager’s blog:

Boston Chowda produces over 40 varieties of soup, while East Coast Gourmet features  a large variety of high quality entrees and appetizers.

One hundred twenty thousand pounds of food is produced and distributed weekly from the unassuming Phoenix Street location. 

3 Responses to Boston Chowda and More – Made in Lowell

  1. kad barma says:

    Proximity to Boston Chowda’s outlet is one of the absolutely best things about being from Lowell. I chop up their gallon chowder bags into quart-sized ziplocs for freezing ahead, (yes, you can freeze it!), and then I get to work polishing off the freshest, best tasting chowder anywhere one bowl at a time. Hannaford’s right next door sells oyster crackers in a big box for cheap, which I keep fresh in my Sterilite 4-quart dry food container right next to my Cheerios. ( There’s a lot to like about Lowell!!!

  2. John Quealey says:

    I have not been to Boston Chowda but I have had the clam chowder i at my brothers
    home many times which was very good.
    Another meal I enjoyI is fishcakes and beans as.John McCormack former Speaker of the House always ordered this meal when He went to Jimmies Harborside in Boston and topped the meal off with a boul of whipped my beans at Cotes.

  3. Marie says:

    Pleased to do business with a Lowell business with staff and workers who also live in Lowell. Just got a supply-in of beef stew, Boston Garden Veg and Chicken veg soup – even had a 20% off coupon since I’m an e-mail friend. Service was helpful and beyond pleasant!! Great spot for your lenten menu items too….