State Senator Eileen Donoghue Well-Placed Wearin’ the Green


From the CBS (WBZ TV) website

State Senator Eileen Donoghue was seated prominently yesterday –  to see and be seen – at the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Breafast in South Boston – hosted by her colleague State Senator Jack Hart. This is quite a coup for a freshman senator. While watching the breakfast I made some  comments on Facebook – with the disclaimer that I do have a point of view – here are a few to give you a flavor of the breakfast:

Just caught a really good view of Curtis LeMay on NECN at the St. Patrick’s Breakfast as Alison King interviewed a certain US Senator. His green sweater has his name – “Curtis O’LeMay” personally put on the sweater many years ago by Centralville neighborhood guru Anne Marie Page. I’ll hear lots of stories later! 

Very good views of State Senator Eileen Donoghue sitting behind the head table at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast (NECN). The Gov has a very nice voice – tough to sing Danny Boy tune – his lyrics very funny. He’s a good sport.

Lt. Gov – good reuse of the “man of the house” joke he told in Lowell! The Kerry boat joke – not so much… And then he sang about the Gov to “On the Road Again” not bad… lyrics pretty good.

Ronan Tynan – banished from New York and the Yankees – seems to have found a home in South Boston. Can’t fault his wonderous voice and his version of the “Fields of Anthry’ but I’ll take Lowell and New England-loving “Irish Tenor” John McDermott any day!

Treasurer Steve Grossman and his wife Barbara (Vice-Chair of the MassCultural Council) – “There’s Nothing Like a Dem” – s good voice, good and apt lyrics… They’re a great Dem couple!

Lots of “Fighter” images used at the breakfast today – that Lowell influence is everywhere!

Having noted the revelry at the many St. Patrick’s Day gatherings around the Commonwealth and the Merrimack Valley – Methuen Mayor Manzi hosts his St. Pat’s luncheon at the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence – I’m of the opinion that the Annual Lowell City Manager’s Breakfast more than holds its own!

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  1. Jeff Fox says:

    To slight Tenor Ronan Tynan with mentioning that someone, McDermott could have done better is absolutely ridiculous…why is it when someone does something so perfect people like you have to find fault