Joint Redistricting Committee Meets

The first meeting of the Joint Committee on Redistricting was held today. From the website of the 187th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – a statement from the Redistricting Committee cochairs and the first scheduled meetings on the Redistricting Calendar:

The Special Joint Committee on Redistricting will study and propose a new division of the Commonwealth into 9 Congressional districts under the United States Constitution, 40 Senatorial and 8 Councillor districts under Section 2 of Article CI of the Amendments to the Constitution, as amended, and 160 Representative districts under section 1 of said Article CI…
Message from the Co-Chairs
The Joint Committee on Redistricting has created this website to provide information to the citizens of Massachusetts about the redistricting process.  This site includes maps, laws, rules, census data, documents, historical perspectives and a calendar of events and hearings for the Joint Committee.  We welcome all public comments and participation during the redistricting process.
See the rest of the information here on the website.
Thanks to Senator Barry Finegold for the lead from his Facebook post.