Manager Lynch’s Reality Check on Library Upset

City Manager Bernie Lynch weighed in at Gerry Nutter’s place on the news about disruptive and worse behavior by some members of the public in the Pollard Memorial Library. The Library is like an indoor common, open to all, which means the world walks in the door, sometimes acting in ways that nobody wants to encounter in a library. Read the Manager’s statement here, thanks to

One Response to Manager Lynch’s Reality Check on Library Upset

  1. Pat Vondal says:

    I appreciate the Manager’s comments which provided needed balance and truth to the sensationalized story about the library earlier this week on the front page of the Lowell Sun. There are many times that I wish there were a genuine newspaper alternative to the Sun for many of us love to read newspapers. Thank you for mentioning it here and for referencing Gerry Nutter’s posting of the Manager’s words. I was glad to see that today’s follow-up story in the Sun after last night’s City Council meeting on this issue was not as “dramatic.”