Paleologos Fights Back

The State Legislature gave the Governor added control over outside agencies including the Massachusetts Film Board. In a move to streamline – and in some cases – shake-up these agencies, the administration removed the Film Office director, Nicholas Paleologos from his position. Some said that Paleologas was targeted for snitching to the film industry that the administration was planning a big cut to the tax credits that brought movie makers to the Commonwealth. The cuts didn’t materialize and in fact a delegation led by John Dukakis – Board chair – traveled just recently to meet with movie industry leaders to pitch Massachusetts as still a great place to make movies.

Paleologos is fighting his ouster by suing the Commonwealth for illegally removing him from his position. The hearing should be interesting. Locals continue to praise Paleologos’ assistance and commitment in getting the award-winning  movie – The Fighter – a Lowell story – filmed entirely on location in the city of Lowell.

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