“The Fighter” Continues to Bring Attention to Lowell

Mickey O’Keefe ( LPD officer who plays himself in the movie), Mark Wahlberg (as Micky Ward) and Christian Bale (as Dicky Ekland) in a scene filmed at Arthur Ramalho’s West End Gym in Lowell.

In the  Globe A&E/Celebrity News, Mark Shanahan & Meredith Goldstein are reporting that NBC’s  “Today” show is sending a crew to Lowell next week to film a segment about Micky Ward and Dicky Ekland. It’s sure to air as part of the build-up to Oscar night.

We’re told a crew from NBC’s “Today’’ show is headed to Lowell next week to shoot a segment on boxing brothers Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund, whose stories are the basis of David O. Russell’s Oscar-nominated film “The Fighter.’’

Be on the look-out in your travels around Lowell next week, especially if you are near the Owl Diner, the West End Gym or particular haunts seen in the Lowell-made movie –  The Fighter. You can always check out Dick’s map of the movie’s on-location-in-Lowell sites – as a well-known national travel blog did just the other day. Check here –https://www.richardhowe.com/2011/02/03/richardhowe-com-featured-on-national-travel-site/comment-page-1/#comment-6367

One Response to “The Fighter” Continues to Bring Attention to Lowell

  1. kevin mccormick says:

    I recently took a 5 day vacation with my fiance,ellen. I have always been a Micky Ward fan, and we decided to take a long drive to Boston, Mass. I made sure that we stopped by the gym where mickey ward had trained, and being a police officer in new york city working out of Queens, i wanted to meet the owners and the lowell police officer that trained Mickey Ward. So, we went to meet arthur Ramalho at his west end gym in Lowell, Mass.this was our first stop on our vacation,( my fiance has alot of patience with me). We met Mr. Ramalho at his original old style, gritty and real deal Boxing Gym, like it should be. You dont see many left in New York like this anymore. Mr. ramalho was a gracious,helpful and entertaining man. What a gentleman he is. He showed us around introduced us to all his fighter”s and trainers and another real gentleman Thomas O”neil, trainer and a professional fighter. Of my vacation in Boston and Lowell, i will remember meeting Mr. Ramalho the most. a fine man and a credit to Lowell,Mass. We will be back someday and we will stop by to visit again, unfortunately, I was unable to meet Mr. Mickey O”keefe, and of course Mickey Ward, maybe ,next time.