Tonight on WCVB-TV’s Chronicle: See the Real World of Lowell’s “The Fighter”

Tonight Chronicle – WCVB/Channel 5’s  iconic television magazine program – tells the tale of the real people and the real world behind the awarding-winning, made-in-Lowell movie –  “The Fighter.” From the Chronicle website:

It’s taken in more than 70 million dollars at the box office, and took home seven Oscar nominations last week. The buzz around the Mark Wahlberg – Christian Bale movie The Fighter continues to build. Tonight, Anthony Everett gets the real story behind the film, as he meets the two men at the center of this family tale, “Irish” Micky Ward and his troubled but very talented older brother Dickie Eklund. Both grew up on the streets of Lowell. Both faced amazing adversity. And one became a world champion fighter.

Tune-in to Channel 5 at 7:30pm tonight to see the Anthony Everertt piece on Micky Ward and Dickie Ekland.