Update: Walmart Retreats from Wilderness Battlefield – Preservationists Prevail

The other day I posted a story about the super-sized retailer Walmart and plans for a super-sized Walmart  box-store for the Civil War Wilderness Battlefield area in Virginia. That proposal had preservationists and developers at loggerheads. Read my January 23, 2011 post here.

The Civil War Trust website has an article today announcing – much to the delight of the preservation community – that Walmart has abandoned those plans!

In an unexpected development, Walmart announced this morning that it has abandoned plans to pursue a special use permit previously awarded to the retail giant for construction of a supercenter on the Wilderness Battlefield.  The decision came as the trial in a legal challenge seeking to overturn the special use permit was scheduled to begin in Orange County circuit court.

Read the full article here. We will continue to follow attempts to develop the hallowed grounds of Civil War battlefields and other sacred sites. Stay tuned.