In the Merrimack Valley: Lawrence Awarded $6.6M to Rehire Firefighters

The City of Lawrence Fire department has been awarded a $6.6 million grant of Homeland Security funds to rehire laid-off firefighters and perhaps add some new firefighter positions. The announcement was made this evening by US Senators John Kerry and Scott Brown and Congresswoman Niki Tsongas.

From the Eagle-Tribune:

The Lawrence Fire Department will receive a two-year. $6.6 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to rehire 23 firefighters who were laid off due to budgetary cutbacks last year, it was announced tonight…

“This is excellent news for the City of Lawrence,” said Tsongas. “These grant funds will allow the City to hire back many of the firefighters who lost their jobs due to budgetary cuts and will provide greater safety and security for Lawrence residents. Our local communities deserve an engaged federal partner, especially during these difficult economic times, which is why my office worked closely with the City to identify and secure these needed funds.”

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2 Responses to In the Merrimack Valley: Lawrence Awarded $6.6M to Rehire Firefighters

  1. Publius says:

    This is yet another example of pork. The federal government has no business in providing fire department services. This is a local responsibility. What will Lawrence do two years from now, when the money runs out. Once again, the government is kicking the can down the road.

    If Lawrence was actually working on actually working on its fiscal mess, that would be one thing. But they are not, like most government entities. They are hoping for a miracle – one which is not coming.

  2. Shawn says:

    So true..
    And where was it said that the role of the “homeland security” department was local fire?
    Maybe they should be focusing more on the Mexico border than the Lawrence one.

    And people keep asking me “where would you cut?”