New Contributor, Malcolm Gregory Love, The Current Reader

Look for upcoming book reviews and interviews with authors by Malcolm Gregory Love, whose blog is is

Here’s what he says about the blog and himself:

“Hello and welcome to The Current Reader.
“If you are an avid reader and I imagine you are, then hopefully you will find this site helpful. By providing only recommendations on books that moved me, I hope to help readers find their next great read by providing a few suggestions to help in the search. There are so many review sites and publications, but so few that only provide their picks for the best in new books. Who has time to read negative reviews? I also try to provide author interviews with the reviews to help readers learn more about the books that I recommend and since starting the site this summer, I’ve already interviewed Sebastian Junger, Ted Mooney, Marcy Dermansky and others. My goal is to find great new books by established authors, as well as the newly published and self-published in a wide variety of genres.

“Eventually, I plan to aggregate other reviews from other independent reviewers and broaden the scope of books to include children’s books, science, poker & gaming, mystery/horror books and other kinds of books that would appeal to a wider range of readers. If you have any suggestions or would like to submit a review of a book you loved, please do! I am a reader, too, so if you find a new book that blows your mind, please share it with me!

Happy Reading!

—Malcolm Gregory Love”