Jack Wilson to UMASS Lowell

 Jack Wilson, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Marty Meehan at UML student event.

Jack Wilson, president of the University of Massachusetts, announced yesterday that he will accept a senior faculty position at UMass Lowell when he leaves his current post at the end of June. Wilson served for eight-years as the head of the five-campus university system.

Today’s Globe offers this staement from UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan:

Martin T. Meehan, chancellor of UMass Lowell, said in a phone interview that Wilson will be an asset to the campus and is expected to help the university expand the amount of research done there. UMass Lowell has already increased its spending on research by 57 percent in the last three years, to nearly $60 million a year, Meehan said.

“We believe Jack’s extensive academic and business experience will help our university grow,’’ Meehan said. “He brings a wealth of experience in leadership in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and all of these areas are central to our campus.’’

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