Economic Field Report: Nashua Retail Scene

My family did a little shopping in south Nashua this afternoon. The lines were long and money was flowing. In Best Buy, 40 people waited at the registers. The exchanges line was 25 deep. We lucked out because we bought an item in the computer department, which has its own registers. In Barnes and Noble the check out line made a lengthy switchback in two lanes. Traffic on Daniel Webster Highway at about 3 p.m. jammed the roadway.

2 Responses to Economic Field Report: Nashua Retail Scene

  1. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Why hasn’t Lowell and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts utilized the Lowell Connector corridor to develop the same type of retail shopping?

    Certainly NH has tax benefits but why are we just giving it up?

    OK, Lowes is here, but what else?

    We can certainly be host to lots of retail outlets along the connector before you get to the toll booths in NH!

    It is time to market Rt 3! Or just drive to NH.

  2. Joan H says:

    I’ll settle for driving to NH except for appliances. We are up there almost every day to walk the mall so why not do our errands while we are there. I don’t go near the Lowes here because I hate that intersection ( even with the new lights there are still some idiot drivers in that area. ) . I prefer the Wal-Mart in Amherst to the one in Chelmsford- better serrvice.