Krugman, Now Rich, Bail on the Prez

Writing for today’s paper,  columnist Frank Rich vents his frustration about the President to try to wake up what Rich hopes is the inner Obama and get the President on the policy offensive against a resurgent GOP that is measuring the drapes for a re-do of the Oval Office. Economist Paul Krugman blasted the President earlier this week. If this is what he’s getting from the New York Times, I’d like to know who he thinks is going to back him up. He’s supposed to speak out about the jobs crisis this week. Let’s hope he’s strong. Read Rich here, and get the NYT if you want more.

I think it was Bill Clinton who told the Dem’s some years ago that “strong and wrong will usually beat weak and right,” so now’s the time for the President to speak out forcefully for action that will make the majority of citizens optimistic again and convinced that he can lead the country in the direction they want their lives to go in.