Tewksbury Celebrates Charter Day on December 4th


From the 1934 Celebration – Authentic Souvenir Pin –  200th Anniversary of the Town of Tewksbury

The town of Tewksbury – once a part of the town of  Billerica – celebrates the 276th anniversary of it charter on December 4. Under the auspices of the Tewksbury Historical Society, Charter Day festivities will be held at the Tewksbury Public Library staring at 1:00pm.

From WickedLocal/Tewskbury:

The more traditional celebration of Charter Day on Dec. 4 will have an exhibit of wooden tools and furniture, a Power Point presentation on “Historic Trees” given by Historical Society President Dave Marcus, 1:30-2:30 p.m. The Powwow Oak (my bold) will be featured in this presentation along with Sycamore Hall, the Oaks, Pattenville, Pigeonville, and what a “windfall” meant in Colonial America. The Society Store will offer historic educational books, pictures of Tewksbury’s past, and an assortment of gifts perfect for stocking stuffers. 

The public is invited to attend the afternoon festivities and a free piece of birthday cake will be given out as long as the supplies last. 

For more information about the town of Tewksbury – including the history, maps, historical documents, postcards, images and vintage photographs, videos, newspaper articles and more – check out the website of the Tewksbury Historical Society here: http://www.tewksburyhistoricalsociety.org/.

Note that a discussion of PowWow Oak located on Clark Road in what is now Lowell is part of the December 4th presentation on “Historic Trees.” For more information on the activities to save PowWow Oak check this Face Book page – “Save the PowWow Oak at Wamesit.”  

 The Pow wow oak is located between 268 and 268 Clark Road in Lowell