Wahlberg & ‘The Fighter’ on 60 Minutes

Just watched the Mark Wahlberg segment on 60 Minutes, which served as a massive promotion of his movie “The Fighter,” which we all know is based on the experiences of Lowell’s living boxing legend Micky Ward and his family. He said Micky Ward was a local hero to him in the same category as Larry Bird. The 60 Minutes segment included footage shot in Lowell (outside and inside various locations). There was a glimpse of one of the huge UMass Lowell banners in one scene that I’d guess was the parking garage on East Campus because a green iron bridge was in the foreground (Ouellete Bridge/Aiken St Bridge). Wahlberg and co-star Christian Bale sparred in a side street off Cupples Square in another shot. Most of the segment dealt with Wahlberg’s rise to stardom, including a lot of attention paid to his delinquent youth in Dorchester and subsequent rise to prominence as rapper Marky Mark and beginning acting roles. Here’s the link to the preview on www.cbsnews.com

2 Responses to Wahlberg & ‘The Fighter’ on 60 Minutes

  1. PaulM says:

    Brian, great catch—the bridge is red now not green, of course. My bad. The shot went by so fast, I guess I saw what I remembered.