Lowell Merrimack Repertory Theatre Christmas Offering Gets Globe Story

Looking to create a Christmas show for his troupe,  Carl Forsman puts a  different twist on an old book. The work was a Booth Tarkington novella called “Beasley’s Christmas Party,’’ published in 1909. This adaptation comes to Lowell and the Merrimack Repetory Theatre for a run from November 26th through December 19th.

In today’s Globe story, Keen Troupe actor Joey Collins describes this “family friendly” play:

The play is narrated by a young newspaper reporter named Booth (Ward), who becomes curious about the eccentricities of Beasley (Collins), the congressman who lives next door. Beasley seems to have an unusually vivid imagination, which would be of interest to those who hope to block his run for governor. But of course there’s an explanation, and a heartwarming one at that.

“This play has that feeling, it’s like coming inside from the cold to a warm fireplace with friends and family that you love,’’ Collins said. “As soon as you walk into that warmth, a wonderful joke is told, and everyone’s laughing, with red faces and a cup of cocoa in their hands. This plays offers that to us. There’s this, like, joy.’’

Read the full story here at Boston.com.

BEASLEY’S CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Merrimack Repertory Theatre, Lowell – Nov. 26-Dec. 19.  Tickets: $31-$56. Call 978-654-4678 and get more information at the MRT web site here.