AG’s 2010 Charities Conference Tomorrow in Westford

Tomorrow Martha Coakley is hosting the bi-annual AG’s Charities Conference at the Wesford Regency Inn & Conference Center in Westford from 7:30am – 3pm. I’ve attended most if not all of the AG events over the years. If you serve on the board of a non-profit organization these conferences are interesting and informative and bring home to volunteer board members what fiduciary responsibility and due diligence is all about. I’ve learned something from every session I’ve attended.
From the Conference Call:
The Attorney General’s Office will host its bi-annual Charities conference.  This Conference is designed to provide trustees, directors, administrators and consultants with current information and guidance regarding a wide range of matters that affect non-profit charitable organizations.  Led by professionals experienced in the field, workshops at the conference focus on effective governance; transparency, reporting and finance; effective and responsible fundraising; and doing more with less, a role for cooperation as well as opportunities for networking.
I look forward to the 2010 edition and will report back.