Michalopoulos Square

MICHALOPOULOS SQUARE, Corner of Suffolk and Market Streets: “Private Athanasios C. Michalopoulos Born 1895 Killed in Action France July 1918 He Gave His Life To Preserve Liberty and Freedom”

Two of our contributors, Tony Sampas and Eileen Loucraft unintentionally but serendipitously collaborate today to help us remember Private Athanasios C. Michalopoulos. Photographs by Tony; the following text from the June 13, 1931 Lowell Sun by Eileen:

A note of appreciation is at hand from Spiros Michalopoulos of Asbury Park, N.J., expressing his deep thanks to all who had a part in dedicating a square on Memorial Sunday in honor of his brother, Athanasios, who was killed while serving in France with the American Expeditionary Forces. It will be recalled that exercises were conducted on Sunday, May 24, under the auspices of the Church of the Transfiguration at Market, Hanover and Suffolk streets and the square formed by the intersection of those streets was formally marked in memory of the fallen soldier. The note just received from the former service man’s brother, refers to the act as “a service to mankind” and he emphasizes the great honor thus bestowed upon his bother and his family.