E. J. Says Nancy P. Deserves Another Shot

Columnist E. J. Dionne (from Southeastern Mass.) writes today that US Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California deserves the opportunity to be minority leader in the US House of Rep’s. E. J. makes the case that the woman who is still Speaker of the House can still lead the Democrats. I like how he closes his column, telling the Democrats that they have to get control of their own narrative and not let their opponents define them.

8 Responses to E. J. Says Nancy P. Deserves Another Shot

  1. Steve says:

    An administrator at a company I won’t name once asked a colleague, “Why won’t people cooperate with me?” The man she asked was brutally honest. “People don’t like you,” he said.
    People don’t like Nancy Pelosi. It doesn’t matter what other democrats think she deserves. Allowing her to remain to be the face of the party would be the dumbest move since putting Dukakis in a tank, in my opinion.

  2. PaulM says:

    This is good, Steve. This is a discussion that needs to take place and to filter upward. A friend asked me yesterday, Why do people so dislike Nancy Pelosi? Does she come off as a liberal Margaret Thatcher, the woman about whom everyone had an opinion? Is it form or content?

  3. Gordon Pickguard says:

    @ Steve, I don’t think you understand congressional politics or maybe you don’t know the definition of cooperation. I think Pelosi is hot but that doesn’t imply that I would vote with her. Your contenion that Pelosi is not “likable” may be correct. However I wouldn’t overestimate its importance.

  4. Jack Mitchell says:

    Can we all agree that the words “Nancy Pelosi” spilled out in many TV ads and across many, many, many GOPer candidates lips over this election cycle?

    Some may figure that Frank Lutz, et al knew that a “liberal Congress” as a brand was toxic. Hence, the parroting of her name. But also consider that Pelosi accomplished a TON of things while Speaker. Literally, several hundred bills made it through the House. Many, like the ‘energy bill’ went to the Senate to die.

    Now, IF you consider Pelosi’s efforts a positive, then you could see why her opponenets would do anything to put her down. Which, as we saw, came in the shape of a constant smear during the election.

    Steve asserts that “People don’t like Nancy Pelosi.” I’m not so sure about that. I have heard things to the contrary. What I will assert is that Pelosi was an effective Speaker. THAT made her a force to be reckoned with. That made her a target of a slime barrage.

    So, if Pelosi is not liked ‘out there in America’ it may be due to the multi million $$ slime barrage aimed at her. Who would do such a thing to little ol’ Nancy?

    The turds that FEAR her.

  5. Jack Mitchell says:

    Sorry. It is Frank LUNTZ,

    Frank I. Luntz (born February 23, 1962) is an American political consultant and pollster.[1] His most recent work has been with the Fox News Channel as a frequent commentator and analyst, as well as running focus groups after presidential debates. Luntz’s specialty is “testing language and finding words that will help his clients sell their product or turn public opinion on an issue or a candidate.”[2] He is also an author of business books dealing with communication strategies and public opinion. Luntz’s current company, The Word Doctors, specializes in message creation and image management for commercial and political clients.

  6. joe from Lowell says:

    People dislike Nancy Pelosi because she’s been subject to four years of constant attacks by the Republicans. ANYONE in her seat would be just as unpopular, because they’d be attacked exactly the same way.

    Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to be popular. She has to be effective in her capacity as a legislative leader, and she is the most effective legislative leader in generations. This is the woman who, as Minority Whip during the toxic, warmongering jingoism of 2002, delivered a huge Democratic majority vote against the Iraq war resolution written by a Democratic Minority Leader, Dick Gephardt.

    Then, she flat-out stiff-armed Bush’s Social Security privatization, refusing to negotiate when the manly-men all around her were going wobbly.

    Then, she led the Democrats back into the majority.

  7. Steve says:

    Republicans are hoping that Nancy Pelosi will be the minority leader. That’s no secret.
    Indignation, righteous or otherwise, is irrelevant. She’s become a liability
    to the party nationally.