“More About Death of Major Rivet” – Remembering WWI

Another installment in our month-long effort to remember Lowell soldiers who died in the First World War by republishing their obituaries:

More About Death of Major Rivet

Further information concerning the death of Maj. Douglas Rivet, son of Mrs. Franics P. Rivet of 271 Beacon street, is contained in the Army and Navy Journal for November 30 as in as follows:

“As to the death of Maj. James Douglas Rivet, killed in action leading his battalion of the 61st Infantry into battle beyond Verdun, France, a friend writes:

“Maj. Rivet was promoted to major June 1, 1918. He was stationed in the Philippines, presidio of Monterrey, presidio of San Francisco, Nogales, Ariz, and Douglas, Ariz., and was one of the original officers of the new 35th Infantry. As instructor at De Leon Spring (Texas) training camp for officers, at the second training camp, Fort Sheridan, and Camp Greene, Charlotte, N.C., he won high commendation for efficiency and high military attainments.

“Ordered overseas about the last of February, 1918, he assisted in preparing for the training of the regiment and division and was highly commended by his superior officers. He was for a time adjutant of the Ninth brigade in France and returned to his battalion to lead it into the movements that accompanied the taking of St. Mihiel salient and operations beyond. He fell on the field of honor Oct. 15, 1918.

Maj. Rivet is survived by his wife, Helen, and two children, James Douglas, Jr., and Barbara. Mrs. Helen Stout Rivet is a niece of Maj-Gen. Frederick S. Strong, commanding the 40th division in France. Her cousin, Lt-Col. F.S. Strong, Jr., of the Engineers, two second cousins and her only brother, Herbert G. Stout, are also in the service in France.