E. J. Says ‘the Wealthy’ Are Waging a Class War

E. J. Dionne, Jr., writing in the Washington Post spells out the impact of new campaign finance regulations, thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision that unleashed “third-party” political spending. He says the moneyed interests have declared war on government officials who support policies that attempt to balance the interests of all Americans and by extension those citizens who are not wealthy and look to government policies to prevent social abuses by the financially powerful. Read Southeastern Mass. native  E. J.’s column here.

2 Responses to E. J. Says ‘the Wealthy’ Are Waging a Class War

  1. Dean says:

    Why should anyone run for office if they do not have the deep pockets of the third party. Why should anyone donate any money when the third party will flood a campaign with money. It is now an end of an era in American politics and that is sad. Three billions dollors has been spent on campaigns this election cycle and that is sad,too ! Something in the election laws must chance soon.

  2. JoeS says:

    The media, which should be our great hope to expose these abuses of democracy, are the primary beneficiaries of the political spending.