Air Force Vets Discuss UFO’s (that’s right…)

Let’s not say does not range far and wide with its Lowell threads. In recognition of World Space Week and apropos the Star Party planned at Fort Hill tomorrow evening, here is a stop-you-in-your-tracks story that I picked up in an unusual source ( about several retired members of the US Air Force who say they observed UFO’s near nuclear missile sites in the 1960s. I kid you not, as Jack Paar said. Here’s a more detailed story from a slightly more journalistic source, And don’t forget the Star Party in Lower Belvidere. You never know who may be watching. Belvidere means “beautiful view.”

4 Responses to Air Force Vets Discuss UFO’s (that’s right…)

  1. Steve says:

    I remember reading a story in The Sun long ago (the seventies, probably) in which a Lowell or Tyngsborough cop (or cops) reported having seen a UFO hovering right above the trees. The cop said he almost didn’t want to say anything because people would think he was “soft,” but he was absolutely sure that it was not an airplane or any man made flight vehicle. At the time I remember thinking that this cop (may have been two)
    sounded highly credible. Anyone recall that?

  2. Kosta says:

    I, also, saw a UFO in the late 50’s, or early 60’s, as did almost everyone. Funny, once that craze was past, hardly anyone reports seeing them in recent years. Maybe they went back to “home planet” to refuel. Maybe they found nothing of interest here (or got scared) and are gone forever. Also, any advanced civilization – that can send out space ships over tens of thousands of years – would be embarrassed to lay claim to a space ship that looks like this post’s photo. :} Interesting, however, – that astronomers are discovering so-called “inhabitable planets” at distant stars – very distant stars. I’m a skeptic , but my “wonder” begins anew.

  3. Joan H says:

    Well – I have never seen anything strange in the sky – but for the disbelievers- It would be extremely arrogant of this world to assume that we are the only life forms in the universe. I am sure that there are those more and/or less advanced than we are. I belive – IU just haven’t seen them for myself.

  4. Acreboy says:

    My father my brother and I saw a three lighted object over Lowell General one night in the 60’s. We always figured they were sucking one of there own out of the top of the dome to go pick up soviet girls for the new production of earth girls are crazy.