Interesting Times

This has been an eventful week in Lowell, from city-building plans and cultural electricity to the news about CTI moving and some serious gun crimes. And the week is not over.

Let’s focus on the epochal first. Following is the link to the Sun’s page one story about the Downtown Evolution plan unveiled yesterday morning by urban planner Jeff Speck and the Lowell Plan at a 400-person breakfast at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center. Here’s the link to Jen Myers’ article; consider buying the Sun if you value the reporting. 

2 Responses to Interesting Times

  1. Joan H says:

    After reading the article on Jeff Speck’s ideas. -just one question? Where are we going to get the money? Some of the ideas are okay – but others are outrageous like the creation of a traffic circle by the arena and high school. Was I reading correctly when I thought it said something about tearing down the newest part of the high school. Is that even paid for yet? My optometrist’s office in the the office building he wants to tear down. It also seems like the plan would eliminate a couple of the buildings in cement city on the other corner – so just where are those people supposed to move to? Just questions.

  2. Brian says:

    I suppose some people would rather just fill potholes and lower taxes for Lowell to magically become a 21st century city. Anyone who’s gone to LHS after 1980 will tell you the “new” building sucks. Windowless classrooms for example. My optometrist also shares that office building. Nice people but it’s like walking onto the set of Mad Men. Maybe they could open a new office on the ALREADY created Cox traffic circle.
    I know Speck’s report was a lot to digest but I thought I would see more chatter on the blogs about his ideas. Where are we going to get the money is a good question though.