A Heads-Up from Lowell’s Community Teamwork (CTI)

On the heels of a discussion at Community Teamwork’s Board of Director’s meeting last night, staff members will get some important news today. Since 1979 the headquarters of this region’s highly regarded community action agency, has been housed at 167 Dutton Street – once known as the historic Mechanics Hall. Over the years CTI has been a good neighbor in the downtown and centrally located – although parking-challenged – for the staff and clients. With over 150 staffers and administrators and many program bursting the seams of the Dutton Street location, relocation possibilities  have been on the radar screen for a while. Community Teamwork is firmly committed to being downtown and accessible – so it hasn’t been an easy issue. Now an opportunity has presented itself with the availabilty of quality space at an affordable rate in the Bon Marche Building. New techology needs, a ground floor, walk-in space for client in-take and services (Kirk Street side) plus several floors operational space make a move to Merrimack street a viable, more efficient opportunity.

CTI owns the Dutton Street building and opportunities abound for future use of that building. The Board of Directors, the City Manager and other players agreed with CTI exploring the realities of this movement and the expected positive impact.

Stay tuned for more on this proposal.

FYI: CTI has a full, part-time and seasonal staff of over 460 people with programs located at various sites in Lowell and in some towns in its catchment area. It’s annual budget disbursement is at $75 million – helping to service  thousands of clients and families annually.

For full disclosure:  I am a past President, current and long-time member of the CTI Board of Directors.

3 Responses to A Heads-Up from Lowell’s Community Teamwork (CTI)

  1. Mary Ann Coffin says:

    I came to CTI in 1980 when it had just moved from Bridge Street headquarters so all my 24 years (left for a few years and returned) were spent in the Dutton Street building. Though I have fond memories of that site, I can see the necessity of an expanded facillity. I wish the board every success in creating a more user friendly home for the agency with more parking available for clients and staff.

  2. Mickey Crocker...former town aide for Westford and former CTI board member says:

    Mickey Crocker, former Town Aide for the town of Westford and former CTI board member wishes the agency and staff congratualtions for all the positive accomplishments. good luck on your move.