Mayor Bloomberg Steps Up: This Is Interesting

The NYTimes today reports that NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg may become an important factor in the mid-term election coming in November. He is backing candidates from both major parties whom he believes are sensible persons capable of compromise in the interest of solving problems and moving the nation forward. Read about Bloomberg here, and get the NYT if you appreciate the reporting.

And here’s a Philadelphia Inquirer article from Aug. 18 about Bloomberg endorsing the candidacy of US Rep. Joe Sestak, a Democrat and former vice admiral in the Navy, for the US Senate from Pennsylvania.

One Response to Mayor Bloomberg Steps Up: This Is Interesting

  1. C R Krieger says:

    How does reporter Michael Barbaro see Nevada Senate Challenger Sharron Angle as “a political neophyte”?  She served six years in the Nevada Assembly.  Granted, it isn’t like the General Court of Massachusetts, or is it?  I bet she didn’t make a habit of voting “Present”.  How else would she have picked up the tactical call sign of “41-to-Angle”?&nbsp. And, what about Angle v Guinn?  I wish there was such grit in our own Legislature.

    That doesn’t mean she is going to win.  It is a long shot, but “InTrade” has her winning at Bid 43.1 and Ask 46.9.  That puts her within striking distance.

    Regards  —  Cliff