Waiting for the President

An absolutely gorgeous day on the Cape for the Obama family arrival this afternoon. At 10am temp in the mid-70’s – the sun is shining reflecting like diamonds off the water – there is a wonderfully cool breeze and the light blue sky is clear with a few random clouds. Martha’s Vineyard is just across the Sound – it seems as if you could reach out and touch the land… the ferries are just crossing paths – full of looky-loos hoping for a glimpse while others want to escape the hub-bub. I’ll be happy just to look for the helicopters and see the close-ups on TV. It reminds me of the summer of 1961 when my grandmother Agnes Meehan Kirwin sat all wrapped-up on her favorite spot on Craigville Beach waiting to wave at President Kennedy as he flew over on his way to the Compound. She sported a very large Kennedy button and lots of pride in our Irish Catholic President. The Cape is full of memories… more later.

One Response to Waiting for the President

  1. John Quealy says:

    Marie I can picture that lovely stately lady from the Grove at Cape Cod.
    You modern Americans call Cape Cod “The Cape.”