Merrimack Valley Connections

We sometimes forget that the Merrimack Valley is a bi-state region with deep historical roots. The  flow of the mighty Merrimack River has been a unifying force for the culture, heritage and livelihood of its residents since time of the Pentacook tribes through the Industrial Revolution to this modern era of highway, environmental and technology connections.

The cross-valley and cross-state connection manifests itself in many ways – including politics, the economy, shared  traditions, sports and other rivalries, deep family and ethnic relationships, transportation, tourism, education, causes, culture, the arts and recreation.

Over the next year I’ll be writing about these Merrimack Valley connections from an historical,  political, practical and personal point of view.

Today I’ll note the practical – a sharing among Merrimack Valley law enforcement veterans is noted in a story from the Manchester NH Union Leader. The subject is a problem with gangs and gang  fighting which is on the rise in Manchester. Lawrence Police Chief John Romero and Lowell Deputy police Superintendent Arthur Ryan have shared their experiences and strategies with Manchester as well as Nashua.

Both Romero and Ryan in offering advice said their cities’ gang problems are far from solved but for the time being are relatively under control. Read the full article here at the

“This is an age-old story,” said Ryan, referring to youth considering the possible benefits of joining a gang. “You’re looking down the street and you see who has all the toys and who’s getting the respect. It’s the bad guy.”

Stay tuned for more from and about the Merrimack Valley.