Save Some Dates

From the Moses Greeley Parker Lectures schedule, 2010-11 (a selected list of early fall programs):

Sunday, Aug 29, 4 pm

Boarding House Park, Lowell

“Twelfe Night” performed by the New England Shakespeare Festival


Saturday, Oct 2, 1 pm

Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center, 246 Market St, Lowell

“Jack Kerouac and the American Bohemian Tradition,” a talk by Dennis McNally, biographer of JK and longtime publicist for the Grateful Dead (Dennis is from Haverhill and is a graduate of UMass Amherst)


Sunday, Oct. 3, 12 noon

Lowell Memorial Auditorium, 50 East Merrimack St., Lowell

“Prelude to the Civil War: The State of the Union 150 Years Ago,” a talk by UMass Lowell history professor Michael Pierson


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3 Responses to Save Some Dates

  1. PaulM says:

    Somewhere along the way I heard or read that the Yorick Club (now Cobblestones) was named Yorick as a Shakespeare reference because members of a community theater group that performed Shakespeare plays downtown met at the Club. Another version of this that I vaguely recall is that the Shakespeare plays were performed across the street from the Club at Huntington Hall, upstairs from the now gone train station at the corner of Merrimack and Dutton. The “ghost arches” in brick near the black locomotive on the tracks along Dutton reference the old train station. That area was once part of the Lowell Heritage State Park complex, which explains the brick arches as an architectural monument. Can Martha Mayo help confirm the Shakespeare anecdote?

  2. Marie says:

    For those interested in the “Prelude to the Civil War: The State of the Union 150 Years Ago,” a talk by UMass Lowell history professor Michael Pierson – look for the presentation in the “Hall of Flags.” The Lowell Historical Society is a partner for this event and it is part of a years-long commemoration of the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War. Look for more Lowell-related presentations, exhibits and events.

  3. Bob Forrant says:

    Not a totally done deal yet but we have discussed the possibility of having the fourth annual Lowell Film Festival in April 2011 have ‘the civil war in film’ as the theme. What a nice set of connections – eh?