MA and RI Governors Sign MOU on Wind Farm Development

According to a story at – the Governors of Massachusetts and Rhode Island have signed a memorandum of understanding about any development of off-shore wind farms. The Governors see this as a move to protect the interests of both states and to position them to best take advantage of every economic and environmental off-shore wind farm development opportunity.

Although planning is under way, no specific project has yet been proposed for the 400-square-mile area in question. But Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri said in statements that the pact ensures both states must sign off on any wind farm that is proposed for an area of ocean equally close to both states.

Each state would have to sign off on any project before it would proceed to federal permitting, the agreement says.

In addition, economic benefits from the projects would be shared, according to the agreement.

Expressing an even broader regional view – Ian Bowles, Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs noted:  “I think this positions New England well for the ongoing interest in offshore wind development.”

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