Khmer Rouge Jailer Sentenced

From BBC news online here’s a report on yesterday’s sentencing of Khmer Rouge prison overseer Kaing Guek Eav or “Comrade Duch” to 35 years in jail. He may, however, only be required to serve 19 years. The public response in Cambodia was mixed, with some people saying they had expected a more severe sentence. Read the BBC report here.

Khmer Rouge Prison Chief “Comrade Duch” (photo:

2 Responses to Khmer Rouge Jailer Sentenced

  1. Marianne says:

    Saody Ouch (one of the people quoted in the article you linked to) currently lives here in Lowell and is an amazing activist in the Cambodian community.

    Saody has been working with the Applied Social Research Institute of Cambodia (ASRIC) to share her story, and was one of the few people chosen to serve as a witness at the tribunal. I know that she struggled with sharing her story and traveling to Cambodia to be present at the tribunal, but ultimately decided that it was something she need to do. I applaud her courage.

  2. PaulM says:

    Marianne: Thanks for that great catch. Most of us would not have known the connection. I posted the news for obvious reasons, but didn’t realize that a Lowell person was quoted in the BBC report.