A Shameless Commercial Break

Now available at Barnes and Noble Downtown, Welles Emporium, Guy Lefebvre’s Lowell Gallery, Brew’d Awakening, National Park Visitor Center Gift Shop, Monkey’s Ice Cream & Gifts, Dharma Buns, and online at www.loompress.com and www.amazon.com

At many of these same fine businesses, readers will find Loom Press book titles, including those by Steve O’Connor (“Smokestack Lightning”), Dave Robinson (“Sweeney-on-the-Fringe), Al Bouchard (“The Fogg”), Matt Miller (“Cameo Diner”), Hilary Holladay (“The Dreams of Mary Rowlandson”), John Struloeff (“The Man I Was Supposed to Be”), and Walter Bacigalupo (“A Trip Down Salem Street”).

One Response to A Shameless Commercial Break

  1. Bob Forrant says:


    Shameless plugs when you do all of the work you do to boost so many others work are AOK in my book!