Jane Brox in TIME. Repeat. Jane Brox in TIME.

We know her. Jane Brox, now living in Maine, but who will always be connected to Dracut and the Merrimack Valley, has a new book, “Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light,” which is featured this week as one of TIME magazine’s Short List “Picks for the Week.” Here’s the recommendation:

Jane Brox’s extraordinary history of artificial light is aptly named. It’s not just a record of technological innovation; it’s a great human fable about how we went from desperately fending off darkness to searching for the last vestiges of true night in a light bedazzled world.

Congratulations to Jane for her fourth book. The others are “Here and Nowhere Else,” “Five Thousand Days Like This One,” and “Clearing Land.” Click here for details about her  books.

And click here for a list of her upcoming readings and book-signings in New England and beyond. On Thursday, Sept. 9, 7 pm, she will be at the Andover Bookstore. Don’t wait until then to get the book.