Niki Tsongas Fundraising News

Here’s the latest communication from the Niki Tsongas for Congress campaign, from campaign manager Nick Clemons. This was sent on Thursday:

“In a few hours, we are going to be submitting our second quarter campaign finance report to the FEC, but I wanted to write you and give you an advanced look at what that report will say. Thanks to your efforts and generosity, the campaign raised over $386,000 last quarter. That is an increase of nearly $80,000 from Q1. We ended the quarter with over $567,000 cash on hand. 1,206 individuals came forward to contribute to the campaign, hundreds of whom were first-time donors. We raised  $289,074 from Massachusetts and $102,026 from inside the 5th District. This kind of grassroots support is very exciting and shows that our campaign has the broad support needed to win on Election Day. … [emailed to supporters on July 16, 2010]”