‘Organizing for America’ Message

Here’s the latest communication from the Democratic Party team. It’s a message from Mitch Stewart, Director of Organizing for America, a Project of the Democratic National Committee:

“Paul —

“The Senate just passed Wall Street reform. The bill will become law the moment President Obama signs it.

“This reform represents the boldest financial regulations since the aftermath of the Great Depression — and the strongest consumer protections in history.

“Every door you knocked in Iowa, every phone call you made in Ohio, every dollar you dug deep to give — it’s all for this. The Recovery Act, health reform, and now Wall Street reform, on top of everything else. In a year and a half, this administration has made bigger, bolder progress than any president’s in decades.

“We have a president who fights for all of us, every day. We have you, the best organizers this country has ever seen, who flooded Congress with calls and letters, had millions of conversations with friends and neighbors, went toe-to-toe with the country’s most powerful special interests — and won.

“And we have members of Congress who bravely stood with the President, even as right-wing groups have pledged $200 million to defeat them in November’s elections.

First, take a moment to celebrate. This is an achievement that will make American lives better and protect our economy for generations to come, and it absolutely wouldn’t have happened without you.

“… In the coming days, [members of Congress who stood with us will] be taking a lot of heat for defying Wall Street — and they need to know they have our gratitude.

“Organizing for America supporters are signing a note of thanks to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all of the allies in Congress who stood up for reform. …”

One Response to ‘Organizing for America’ Message

  1. Andrew says:

    List of Democratic accomplishments so far since January 2009:

    Comprehensive Wall Street Reform
    Comprehensive Healthcare Reform and Universal Access to Healthcare
    Stimulus Package to Stop the Economy’s Collapse
    Saving the American Auto Industry
    Largest Investment Ever in Education Spending
    Requiring Equal Pay for Women Doing Equal Work
    Tax Cuts for 95% of Americans
    Massive Reduction in Troop Strength in Iraq
    An Actual Attempt to Win the War in Afghanistan
    An End to the “Bush Doctrine” of Foreign Policy
    An End to Torture
    Credit Card Reform
    Student Loan Reform
    Allowing Stem Cell Research
    Repealing DADT (almost done)
    Passing an Energy Bill (almost done)

    Did I forget any?