NYTimes Writer Calls for Class Warfare

Really. Op-ed columnist Ross Douthat says the US needs a better targeted class fight that should pit “savers v. speculators, outsiders v. insiders, the industrious middle class v. the reckless, unproductive rich.” Read Douthat here, and consider subscribing to the NTY if you appreciate the writing.

2 Responses to NYTimes Writer Calls for Class Warfare

  1. Michael Luciano says:

    Good piece. The corporatists and criminal banksters who run the country wage class warfare against the American people all the time with an economic model that is premised on the privatization of profits with the socialization of risk/debt–aka, theft. Financial analyst Max Keiser talks about the savers-vs-speculators dynamic quite often. I recommend this report he did for Al Jazeera English in March 2008. Pick it up about 90 seconds in.