Lowell Senator Panagiotakos: Casino Gambling Bill Conferee

According to the Associated Press (AP), the Governor wants-in – he’d like to play a role with the six appointed House and Senate conferees charged with hammering out the final version of the casino gambling bill. Both chambers of the Legislature must approve the bill as it comes out of the conference session and then it goes to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

Patrick said there’s not much time left in the Legislature’s formal session, which ends July 31, for what he called “backing and forthing.” He said he wants to be active in the talks as a six-member House and Senate conference committee stitches together a final compromise.

The conference committee includes on the Senate side  Senators Steven Panagiotakos (D-Lowell),  Stanley Rosenberg (D-Amherst), and Richard Ross (R-Franklin) while the House will be represented by Representatives Brian Dempsey (D-Haverhill), Kathi-Anne Reinstein (D-Saugus) and Paul Frost (R-Auburn).

Senator Panagiotakos said last week that July 10th is the target date for getting the bill to the Governor.

One Response to Lowell Senator Panagiotakos: Casino Gambling Bill Conferee

  1. C R Krieger says:

    Wouldn’t the Governor be changing his role per the Constitution, if he became a legislator?  This doesn’t sound good to me.  Separation of powers and all that.

    Regards  —  Cliff