Lowell Trivia From the COA

 Downtown Lowell

In this month’s official publication of the Lowell Council on Aging, there are suggestions for keeping cool, sfaety tips, a calendar of events and senior trips as well as the lunch menu for the month of July. There is a very nice profile of COA Board member Billy Sheehan  who is also the Public Housing Program Director for the Lowell Housing Authority.

As added feature, there’s a Lowell Trivia quiz – “Do you Remember?” geared to the senior population. See how well you can do answering some of the questions.

  1. Name nine theaters that dotted Lowell.
  2. Where were the two “Waldorf” restaurants located?
  3. What was the “super” store that sold all your household and personal needs?
  4. Name the clothing store at the corner of  Central and Market  Streets.
  5. Name the men’s clothing store at the corner of Central and Jackson Streets.
  6. Names the men’s clothing store at the corner of Warren and Central Streets.
  7. Where was Gaumont’s appliance store?
  8. Who hosted a noontime WLLH radio show daily outside in downtown Lowell?
  9. Where could young people go “dime-a-dance” dancing?
  10. Who was the “CandyMan” at all 4th of July celebrations?
  11. Where was the “poor farm”?
  12. Where was the only toboggan chute in the city?
  13. What parade was held a week before the Memorial Day parade in Lowell?
  14. Name the  woman’s store in the Appleton Bank Building on Central Street.
  15. Name the “five and dime” stores in downtown Lowell.
  16. Name the hotel located on Central Street at the corner of Merrimack.
  17. What band played at all Immaculate “Hoodsie Hops”?
  18. Name two roller skating rinks.
  19. Name a downtown night club.
  20. Where did the elite meet downtown for ice cream?

Quizmaster answers to follow.

Do you have other Lowell trivia questions for our readers?

4 Responses to Lowell Trivia From the COA

  1. Bill says:

    1. Theaters: Palace (E. Merrimack St.), Keith’s (Bridge St), Merrimack (Where John St. Garage is), Strand (over canal on Central st.) , Rialto (Central and Gorham), Royal (upper merrimack St.), and one on Middlesex St where the Club is. Don’t remember other 3.
    2. One Waldorf restaurant was on Merrimack St.;
    3. ?
    4. McQuade’s
    5. James P. Curran or Geoge Mailiaros
    6. Talbot’s?
    7. Merrimack St. where Goodyear is now.
    8. I can hear his voice but don’t remeber his name.
    9. Commodore Ballroom
    10. ?
    11. Poor farm was out Chelmsford St. where Industrial Ave is now.
    12. Shedd park
    13. LHS Field Day
    14. That was Talbot’s
    15. 5& dimes: Kresge’s, Woolworth’s and Greene’s.
    16. Cole’s Inn
    17. ?
    18. Hi-Hat
    19. K’s Lounge
    20. Brigham’s

  2. Marie says:

    I’m holding off posting the COA answers for a while Bill – but you did pretty well. Some of your answers reflect your “young” age – older senior center denizens might have different answers. Some answers might be disputed in your favor!

  3. John Quealey says:

    1 and 2 State on back Central St. Crown later the Allen on Middlesex St. and Capital next to Waldof at Middlesex and Thorndike .Another Waldorf on Central St. now Cappys but before my time.
    3 Giant Store?
    5 Newmans.
    10 Kelly.
    15 Newberry also nest to the old post office Robertsons.
    17 Bernie Larkin
    18 Rex..