Ellen Murphy Meehan Returns As Tsongas Campaign Chair

 Back in 2007 – Ellen Murphy Meehan served as  Campaign Chair for Niki Tsongas’ run in the special election to replace Marty Meehan. Marty served as Congressman from the Fifth Congressional District from 1993 to 2007.  Tsongas loyalists and supporters just got the message by e-mail – Ellen Murphy Meehan is reprising her role as Campaign Chair. She reminds supporters of  Tsongas’ level of service to the district, reminds them of the GOP target on her back and reminds them that financial support is critical.

As a lifelong-resident of the Merrimack Valley, I understand the unique challenges that our communities face. And as someone who has known and worked with Niki for many years, I can tell you that she understands these challenges as well. She is accessible and accountable to her constituents, and works hard for us every day.

Niki has led the charge to keep our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan safe, has been a true advocate for consumers, and always stands up for and speaks out on issues of fairness and equality.  And in these challenging economic times she’s focused on creating jobs. 

I served as Niki’s campaign chair in 2007 and am honored to once again be a part of her team.  I join the campaign as chair at a critical time, because across the nation, and particularly in Massachusetts, Republicans are energized.  And here in the Fifth District, several Republicans are vying to challenge Niki in the fall and the national Republicans have put her on their target list…

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you on the campaign.

The Niki Tsongas reelection campaign has been very active for the last few months with volunteer recruitment, a regional headquarters in downtown Lowell and a concerted effort to get her message out. With the Meehan announcement the next phase has been kicked into high gear. Stay tuned.