Charles Cowley – Week 3

In 1868, Lowell resident Charles Cowley wrote the “Illustrated History of Lowell”, a book filled with fascinating facts about our city. Here’s my third weekly compilation of “tweeting” from Cowley’s book:

June 19 – In 1686 Col Tyng, Maj Henchman et al purchased from Wannalancet all land in region, leaving native Americans hunting & fishing rights

June 22 – During King William’s War (1688-96) the fort at Pawtucket Falls was garrisoned but in Aug 1692 Indians killed 8 in Billerica

June 23 – On August 5, 1695, an Indian raid on Tewksbury (then part of Billerica) left 14 residents dead

June 23 – Dracut was incorporated in 1701 with 25 families. Previously part of Chelmsford, it was named for the Varnum’s parish in Wales

June 25 – After King Phillip’s War, some Chelmsford residents occupied Indian land in Wamesit and began using it as their own

June 26 – In 1725 Samuel Pierce elected to represent Chelmsford in General Court but he lived in Wamesit and was not allowed to serve

June 27 – When General Court refused to seat Samuel Pierce, residents of Wamesit stopped paying taxes so GC annexed it to Chelmsford