Kelly Out of the 2EM State Senate Race

Lowell SUN editor Chris Scott is reporting on-line that John Kelly of Dracut has dropped out the race for the Democratic nomination for State Senate in the Second Essex/Midddlesex District. Union leader Kelly was in the race early – planning to run head-to-head against the incumbent Senator Sue Tucker but he’s not been seen campaigning at local events recently. When Tucker announced her plans to retire and not run for reelection the field got crowded. Andover State Representative Barry Finegold, Andover School Committee member Deb Silberstein and Andover resident Jack Wilson joined the race on the Democratic side.

According to Scott’s report Kelly will endorse Wilson who worked for former State Senator John O’Brien back in the 1990s. The Second Essex/Middlesex Senate District includes the city of Lawrence and the communities of Andover, Dracut and Tewksbury. Barry Finegold’s 17th Essex Rep District includes precincts in Andover, Lawrence and Tewksbury. The Kelly decision makes an interesting race even more so as officials, activists and other supporters line up behind these candidates. Rumor has it that Dracut Board of Selectmen Chairman George Malliaros plans to endorse Finegold who has garned much support with Tewksbury town officials. Board of  Selectman Chairman Todd Johnson was the emcee at a recent Finegold event.

The race also includes Jamison Tomasek and Patrick Rahilly who will face off in the  Republican primary and Independent Jodi Oberto.

Stay tuned as the race unfolds in the run-up to the September 14th primary.

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One Response to Kelly Out of the 2EM State Senate Race

  1. Elin M. says:

    It’s good to see the crowd start to disperse–these candidates seem to be running on a platform that attempts to separate themselves from the stereotypical politician.

    I agree with that platform but I think it’s hard to know whois out there for our interests (the citizenry) as opposed to advancing their own personal agendas. Ex-school-committee Chair Debra Silberstein takes my vote hands down, as the most sincere, open, and modest candidate in this race. Her grassroots campaign is motivating and exciting–I hope to see her take the primary and the election; her work ethic and dedication to community is what we need at the State-House.