Ken Burns at Middlesex Comm. College in Lowell Tomorrow

Click here for details on acclaimed American filmmaker Ken Burns’ talk at Lowell Memorial Auditorium tomorrow evening and ticket info.

4 Responses to Ken Burns at Middlesex Comm. College in Lowell Tomorrow

  1. DickH says:

    I already have my ticket and am looking forward to writing a complete report on this site after the event. I am a bit anxious, however. David McCullough had been my favorite author up until the night I heard him speak at the Lowell Auditorium as part of the MCC speaker series. During the Q&A that night, he was asked where history would rate George W Bush as president. McCullough replied that history would place George W Bush in the upper tier of American presidents. Ever since that night, I have not bought a single book or read a single word written by McCullough, nor do I have any interest in doing so. I really like Ken Burns and his work, so I’m hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself tomorrow night.

  2. Brian Flaherty says:

    BTW, I love Ken Burns and am also going tomorrow. But you don’t have to worry about him spewing right wing venom, he is as liberal as they come.