I Want My Bob El — Lis

UMass Lowell hockey broadcasts have been over for many weeks, the WUML-FM SUNRISE radio program is long-gone, WLLH’s MORNING MAGAZINE is a memory, and I’m missing the voice of radioman Bob Ellis on the Merrimack Valley airwaves. Bob’s voice is a piece of our modern cultural history in this region, a sound that has tracked our way of life in this region. Bob’s radio reports, if we had a complete set, would make an impressive aural document of the past 25 or so years. Maybe we can entice Bob to create a digital package now and then that we can link to on this blog, reports from the field. He’s also a good photographer, so there’s a words-and-pictures possibility. This isn’t the NHL, NFL, or NBA, but we’re drafting you, Bob.

6 Responses to I Want My Bob El — Lis

  1. Marie says:

    Ditto on your Bob comments! I really enjoyed my stints on SUNRISE with Bob and Chris -usually I was on more with Bob. We could just talk – being generally on the same political wavelength and having some history together going back to other radio days — and the time would fly by. His voice and sports knowlege and grasp of life in these environs make him a Merrimack Valley legend and treasure!

  2. Steve says:

    He’s classic. I wouldn’t listen to hockey on the radio at all unless Bob is broadcasting.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Absolutely love everything Bob Ellis does, whether it’s broadcasting hockey, interviews, radio shows with Blaise, his old morning show on WUML… Couldn’t agree with this post any more.

  4. Bob Forrant says:

    The university’s eliminating Sunrise was truly shortsighted and actually kind of dumb. It was a terrific way to talk about what th euniversity was doing in the region. It was a way to showcase the talented faculty, staff and studets to a wider off-campus audience. And, it was a great way to interact with the various politicans, opinion-makers, writers, and area business people thta made there way into the wonderful studio in the cellar.

    I also miss being on there once or twice a month discussing the regional economy and what we cuuld be doing to get it moving again and create some jobs that pay little more than minimum wage!

    Maybe a blogosphere campaign to bring back Sunrise would work.

  5. George DeLuca says:

    Bob and Chaz Scoggins have been calling Spinners games for Chelmsford Telemedia coverage for broadcasting in Chelmsford and LTC. Although I’ve been on the TV crew for the last several years, I may not be able to do it this year, so I’m not in touch. But I hope he and Chaz are back this year. They call a great baseball game.