Book Launch Party is Friday, June 25

There’s a tweet out there notifying people that the “Smokestack Lightning” and “Coffin Dust” book launch party at the Old Court is this Friday, but that’s a week early. I understand the excitement and wild expectation. We’ll have to wait one more week, however, for the prose and Guinness. Come by the Old Court at 7 pm on June 25 for the festivities, and, as mentioned in an earlier post, be prepared to take away as many books as you can possible carry. I stole that line from my friend Bob Martin, singer-songwriter extraordinaire of Lowelltown. He uses it to push CD sales. Either way, buy ’em by the stack, like pancakes.

One Response to Book Launch Party is Friday, June 25

  1. Brian says:

    Did anyone see the quote by author Dennis Lehane in yesterday’s Sun? “I would not be able to have much of a conversation with somebody who could not appreciate the sublime beauty of Lowell. Lowell is gorgeous.” What an amazing thing to say! The guy has sold millions of books and probably done a lot of traveling, it’s feels good to hear such a genuine compliment about Lowell.